Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for participating in the proficiency tests offered by HN Proficiency Testing, Inc. are fairly simple:

We require prepayment to enroll in a test. Payment is due one week after a reservation is made or two weeks before the reserved test week, whichever is earlier.

The participant is responsible for the cost of shipping the artifacts to the next participant or back to us by overnight delivery, signature required using UPS, FedEx or equivalent courier service.

Please note that we are not able to ship test packages out of the United States, so you must provide us with a US shipping address. This is to avoid other participants having to fill out customs forms and pay for overseas shipping, customs tariffs etc.

The artifacts must be shipped to the next participant no later than the Thursday of the participant's week, so artifacts will arrive on Friday. We impose a penalty and withhold reports until it has been paid, if this requirement is not adhered to. See Pricing for more details.

As a participant, you must agree to respect the confidential information we have to disclose to you to make the proficiency testing scheme work. The confidential information disclosed to the participants is primarily:

  • The preceding participant, who sent the artifacts to you

  • The next participant, to whom we request you send the artifacts

  • The reference values for the artifacts

The participant is required to:

  • Notify us when the artifacts are received

  • unpack and inspect the artifacts immediately upon receipt and inform us of any damage

No adjustment of gages/artifacts are allowed under any circumstances