The Participant Process

The following is the process you should expect, when you sign up to participate in a proficiency test offered by HN Proficiency Testing, Inc.

Client Information

You can sign up with us by clicking the yellow "Get a Login ID" button on the home page. That will walk you through getting set up as a client in our system. There is no commitment or cost associated with this process.


Once you are set up in our system, you can book a proficiency test from the web site. The availability page shows all our tests and when they are available, so you can book the test you want the week you want it. Of course, you can also book via e-mail or over the phone.


We will send you an invoice by email once we receive your booking. If your booking is far in the future, we will send the invoice about a month before your test. You can pay the invoice online with a credit card or send a check. Send your payment, so it reaches us before your test week, that avoids any delays in getting your reports.

Receive Tracking Information

If the package is shipped from us, you should receive tracking information on the Wednesday before your test week. If it is shipped from a previous participant, you should receive the information from them either Wednesday or Thursday.

Participant Letter

We will email you a participant letter the Friday before your test week. It will indicate where the package will be coming from, whether it is directly from us or from the previous week's participant.

The participant letter will also indicate where you have to send the package after your test., whether it is back to us or on to another participant. Finally, it will have the deadline for when the package shall arrive at its next destination. You are responsible for this onwards shipping and for picking the appropriate class of service for the package to reach its destination on time.

Receive Proficiency Testing Package

On the Friday before your test week you will receive the proficiency testing package. If it comes directly from us, it will include the instructions. If it comes from another participant and does not contain instructions, you can download the instructions from the website after logging in.

Acknowledge Receipt of Proficiency Testing Package

When you receive the proficiency testing package, you shall inspect it immediately to determine if anything has been damaged in shipping.

When you have inspected the package, you shall contact us and acknowledge the receipt of the package. We will expect to receive you acknowledgement on the Friday before your test week.

Make Measurements

Finally! You have Monday - Wednesday of your test week to perform your measurements.

Ship Proficiency Testing Package

On the Wednesday or Thursday of your test week, you are required to send the proficiency testing package to the next participant. If you ship on Wednesday, you can use 2nd day shipping, but if you ship on Thursday you have to use overnight mail. Please ship using FedEx or UPS or similar, requiring a signature by the recipient.

Communicate Shipping Information

Once you have shipped the proficiency testing package, communicate the shipping information including the tracking number to HN Proficiency Testing, Inc. and the next participant immediately.

We will expect to receive this information on the Thursday of your test week.

Submit Results

Submit your results to HN Proficiency Testing, Inc. It is preferred that you enter your results on the web site. That eliminates the possibility of us adding typos and transcription errors to your results.

Receive Preliminary Report

When we receive your results, we will process them and send you a preliminary report.

Review Preliminary Report

We request that you review the preliminary report to ensure that it is accurate and return either a marked-up copy (if there are changes) or an acknowledgement that it is accurate.

Receive Final Report

We issue a final report for each round of participants for a proficiency test. Each round contains about 10 participants and the delay before you receive the final report will depend on where you are in the round. Most testing rounds run 6-12 months.