First Time Here?

If you are new to proficiency testing or just new to HN Proficiency Testing, this is the place where you can find information on proficiency testing in general and the way we operate our proficiency testing schemes in particular.

What is Proficiency Testing?

This page discusses what proficiency testing is. It also has the definition of the En-value, which is the metric we use to judge laboratory performance.

What are You Terms and Conditions?

How we do business.

How Do I Participate in Your Tests?

This page has an overview of our process and helps you understand how our process works.

How Do I Choose a Proficiency Testing Provider?

On this page we have collected some questions we think are important to ask of a proficiency testing provider along with our answers to those questions. If you are just starting to participate in proficiency testing, this is a good source of information on what you need to look out for, when you choose a proficiency testing provider.

What Information Is Included In Your Reports?

On this page there are link to samples of the reports we provide, so you can see if they provide the information you need. This also gives you a chance to contact us and ask questions before we start, if you are not sure what the information means.

Where Can I Learn More About Proficiency Testing?

This pages contains links to a number of papers about various aspects of proficiency testing.

Your Tests Do Not Fit My Needs, Can You Help Me In Other Ways?

This page contains a brief discussion of the other services we offer. You might also want to visit HN Metrology Consulting.

Are You Accredited?

Yes, we have been accredited by A2LA since 2002.

What Does It Cost To Participate In Your Tests?

This page contains our pricing.